Dekad was formed in 2000, at the time the band was composed of 4 people with similar influences (new wave, punk rock, electro pop, EBM, goth.) The lineup was made of JB, Seb, Yoyo and Manu: 2 guys with cheap keyboards, a singer and a guitar player.
Dekad started playing live but soon realized that they could do things differently and JB decided to transpose the live demos on his computer which led to a total re-organization.
Things became more serious and live sessions slowly left place to home studio sessions, and the band quickly turned to a trio.

In 2003, Dekad sent a demo to BOREDOMproduct including the track 'Tell Me' that would be released in the "Synthetique" compilation.
This was the start of a new collaboration: the next year JB and Member U-0176 from Celluloide started working on Dekad's debut album "Sin_Lab", based on the demos of the band.
Sin_Lab was finally released in 2005, with a new version of "Tell Me", and other tracks such as "Dare" and "Club Devil".
The album was very well received by the fans but got limited media coverage.

The trio returned in studio in 2006 to record their second album "Confidential Tears". From the sound of the first single "Dive" it was clear that Dekad was evolving and its music was now more solid and focused.
The album was once again very well received amongst the fans of electronic pop, and gathered more interest in the media.
After participating to the second BOREDOMproduct compilation "Auto-Reverse" in 2007, the band went into hiatus as it became harder for its member to find the time to compose together.
In the meantime JB frequently joined Foretaste on stage as second keyboard player, and kept on writing new songs on his own.

As a new album fully took shape, JB decided in 2009 to reactivate Dekad, even as a solo act...
Thirteen new tracks have been composed and recorded in the last few months. As always, member u-0176 produces this new album with JB. Its name is in line with the new lineup of the 'band': "Monophonic".
The debut single, "So Sorry" is an emotional duet with Foretaste's singer.